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6 Facts About Florida Springs You Should Know Before Your Next Trip

Florida is home to a number of springs that are rich in flora and fauna. The springs are the favorite picnic destination for some and for others, they are the best opportunity to finesse their adventure water sports skills.

Some springs have the bluest water elsewhere in the state, and some are the perfect amalgamation of vegetation and wildlife. 

Well, if you are planning to visit the Floridan springs anytime soon, here are some interesting facts about these springs. Knowing them would make your trip more informative and enjoyable.

1. Florida springs are the windows to the great Floridan Aquifer.

The Floridan Aquifer forms the base of the Floridan land and provides fresh water to nearly 10 million people. The springs are the windows to the aquifer; therefore, they house the purest freshwater elsewhere in the state.

Some springs have direct access to these aquifers, where you can dive and explore life underwater. But this is possible only if you are a certified cave diver. But you can still go near the cave entrances to the aquifer and enjoy the view.

2. Florida houses a lot of first- and second-magnitude springs.

Florida alone has 27 first-magnitude and 70 second-magnitude springs, which is the highest for any other US state. The first-magnitude springs store a lot more freshwater than the second-magnitude springs. 

Further, according to estimates, there are 1000s of undiscovered springs in Florida. Last year alone, the authorities discovered 27 new springs in the Florida Panhandle.

3. There are mermaid shows in Floridan Springs.

Floridan Springs are one of the favorite camping and picnic spots for families. Especially the Weeki Wachee Spring, which has hosted mermaid shows since 1947. 

So if you were to visit the springs and want to camp or picnic there, it’s highly recommended to book a spot in advance. Many times, during the slightly cool summer seasons and not-so-chilly winter months, the spots get booked in no time.

4. The Floridan Springs are one of the most well-maintained in the world.

Since the Floridan Springs are windows to the Floridan aquifer that gives water to millions and houses a number of endangered species, the government bodies put in a lot of effort to ensure these waters are kept clean.

Nearly 3000 marine biologists, chemists, geologists, and other scientists work tirelessly to ensure the quality of these springs is never compromised. The DEP laboratory scientists collect and perform tests on nearly 140,000 water samples to ensure that the pollution rates are always under control.

5. Floridan Springs are home to manatees during the winter months.

If you want a glimpse of the super-cool and friendly manatees, you should visit the springs in Florida during the winter months. When the temperatures get really cold, the manatees migrate from the larger water bodies to the springs to enjoy the comparatively warmer water.

You can even see a pool of manatees if you are lucky enough and many of these springs allow you to swim with the manatees.

6. $360 million was invested in saving Floridan Springs.

Since 2011, the government and other concerned authorities have invested nearly $360 million to ensure that the Florida Springs are always kept clean. Further, they also invest in preserving the marine and wildlife of the area. 

To ensure this, strict rules are in place, wherein visitors will get fined if they try to hurt the wildlife, damage the vegetation or pollute the waters.

7. Kayaking and snorkeling are common in almost all springs.

Well, the people in Florida love to kayak through the blue waters and enjoy the wildlife and vegetation of the place. It’s truly a mesmerizing experience that you must not miss out on your next trip to one of the springs. 

Further, you can put on your snorkeling kit and explore a bit of the marine life of the place. If the springs are loaded with dangerous wildlife creatures, the authorities will have a guarded spring pool where you can take a dip and explore underwater.

Final Thoughts

These are some interesting facts and a bit of trivia that will be helpful for your next visit to Florida’s freshwater springs. The Floridan Springs are one of the great ways to blow off some steam and relax during the weekends. The only thing that’s mandatory for the authorities that manage the springs is that you should respect the ecosystem of the place and shouldn’t damage or pollute the area any bit. 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, go to one of the nearby springs, and dive in the clear blue waters!

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